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Our products are intended to be simple. We prioritize substance above style. It is the most logical course of action. It is derived from the same left brain that instructs us to think twice before acting and not allow emotions to get in the way of a great answer

5 Layer Overhead Water Tank

"Next Generation 5-layer OSWAL Tank with Double Foam Layer" is the new product from OSWAL Industries Limited. The layers create a weather-insulated tank that keeps water temperature stable in all weather conditions.

6 Layer Overhead Water Gold Tank

6 LAYER Tank is known for being a strong, long-lasting, and sanitary material. OSWAL tanks do not bulge or expand when full. Our tanks can safely endure the immense forces generated by tones of water due to their strength.


Oswal water tanks are stable than other water tanks. These water tanks are strong caused by their 5 and 6 layer sanitary materials. But one thing, if there is any damage to the water tank from the customer side then the company will not be responsible for that damage.


If you want to use your tank for potable (drinking quality) water, the OSWAL water tank is unrivaled in quality. It is not by chance that OSWAL is usually necessary when hygiene is vital.


We advise you to utilize pure virgin plastic instead of any other sort of plastic. It is long-lasting, safe, and strong, and you will not have to replace your tanks frequently. Surprisingly, neither extreme heat nor rain harm the tank.


We always focus on our creative goods and solutions, we aim to assist our clients to succeed in their businesses when they are connected with us.

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